Who We Are

Betsy Kahl, LCSW

PATH Intl Advanced Certified Therapeutic Riding Instructor
Franklin Method® Equestrian Level 1 Educator, Pelvis and Spine Trainer
Franklin Method® Equestrian Ball and Band Certified

Betsy has worked in the equine-assisted services industry since 2007, delivering programs in New Hampshire, Ohio, and Texas. She became a Licensed Clinical Social Worker to support her student’s emotional and behavioral needs, and has provided community, school-based, and outpatient counseling for children, adults, and families.

Wonder Horse Ranch was created as a space for veterans and first responders to learn and mentor one another in the classical system of lunging, long lining, and in-hand work; building stronger, safer and saner equine partners.

Jen Crayton

Over the last 40+ years, Jen has been involved in a broad array of equine activities & pursuits. A recent retiree from a career in science (but always an academic), she applies her sense of scientific curiosity and management to all the horses who live with her by specializing in rehabilitative lay-up care and equine nutritional management.

Flying Pig Farms was always intended to be a space that provided and fostered emotional & physical healing for our equine partners. The opportunity to partner with Wonder Horse Ranch and participate in fostering a therapeutic environment for horse & horse handler feels like a natural progression of who we already are here, and the ideals we already endeavor to achieve.